Kiyoshi Nakayama, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO of TieSet, Inc.

Transitioning from Big Data to Collective Intelligence towards the era of Internet of Intelligence

I am a founder and CEO of TieSet Inc. developing STADLE platform. I envision the future technology that wisdom drives society, not just data. TieSet tries to be the leader of the collective intelligence era by introducing an intelligence-centric platform to the world to replace big data systems that are getting messed up, and thus obsolete because of problems like data privacy, latency, computational power shortage, and storage costs. In particular, we actively conduct research and development about paradigm-shifting AI technologies and distributed systems such as federated learning, transfer learning, and incremental learning.

I have recently been leading the area of decentralized Federated Learning frameworks adapted to various important social innovation fields like autonomous driving, medical & healthcare, financials, smart city & energy, robotics, edge computing, etc. Before founding TieSet, I was a Research Scientist at NEC Laboratories America located in Silicon Valley, California where we developed the world's first fully decentralized federated learning P2P framework using blockchain. At NEC Labs, I also worked on design and optimization of Computer Vision systems for long-term, rich, and general understanding of videos from multiple, distributed, heterogeneous sources as well as smart infrastructure management. Through those projects, I have developed and deployed a variety of platforms and applications by fully utilizing my industrial and technical expertise in distributed systems and networks, cloud and IoT computing, and open-standard protocol development and integration.

In my PhD at University of California, Irvine, I researched distributed networks, optimization, and graph theory. Fortunately, two of my publications received the Best Paper Awards.

I have published around 30 international papers and drafted about 10 patents. I am also writing the world's first book about federated learning for production with Packt Publishing.

Current Role: Founder & CEO

TieSet Inc. (6/2020 - Present)
Transitioning from Big Data to Collective Intelligence
Our Product: Scalable, Traceable, Adaptive, Distributed Learning Platform (STADLE)

Past Role: Research Scientist

NEC Laboratories America (10/2015 - 5/2020)
R&D Areas: Distributed AI, Federated Learning, Computer Vision, Anomaly Detection, Smart Infrastructure

Past Appointment: Postdoctoral Researcher

Fujitsu Laboratories of America (9/2014 - 9/2015)
R&D Areas: Distributed Systems, Cloud Computing, IoT, Open Standardization, Smart Energy

Degree: Ph.D. in Computer Science

University of California, Irvine, (9/2011 - 6/2014)
Focus: Distributed Networks and Optimization, Graph Algorithms
Projects: Distributed Systems, Optimal Flow, Network Fault Tolerance, Wireless Sensor Network, and Smart Energy

Honors and Awards

Selected Publications

Machine Learning & Blockchain related

Networks and Distributed Optimization